The definition of excitement

What is excitement? When it comes to excitement, people tend to think about excitement of the opposite sex, or excitement of love. However, that is not all. The Holy Spirit said, “It’s not only the physical love that will give you excitement. If you think and do something while liking it and being happy about…
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Why are humans so fickle?

When there’s a sweltering heatwave and it gets unbearably hot, people whine, “The bitter cold is better.” And then when the weather becomes cold, people grumble, “I can’t bear it. It’s too cold. Heatwaves are better.” Why do our hearts fluctuate so much? Why is the heart so fickle? Actually, it’s not that our hearts…
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Is there only one kind of death?

When it comes to death, people think there’s only one kind of death and treat it as such. However, there are hundreds of events through which you can experience death in your daily life. For example, imagine there is a fire. If you don’t know where the exit is, then you will die even though you…
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Where can I find the Answers to My Problems

People must take action in the course of living their lives. However, problems always arise as long as you take action. As a result, people live suffering from headaches caused by the problems of life. There are various physical problems, but there are also eternal spiritual problems. Therefore, there is no such thing as a…
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Things will work out so long as you do not get discouraged

While conversing with the Holy Son in prayer, Pastor Jung Myung Seok asked God, “People’s hearts are easily affected by the environment, people’s words and their own thoughts. They get discouraged easily and some even gave up their lives while thinking negatively. What should people do to overcome the feeling of being discouraged?” It’s normal…
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jung myung seok - God purpose of creating human beings

What was God’s purpose for creating heaven and earth, all nature and human beings?

[youtube] One day when Pastor Jung Myung Seok was having a conversation with the Trinity about the purpose why God created heaven and earth all natural and human beings, a realization came into his mind. The purpose for which the Absolute Divine Beings—God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son—created the Great Universe over a…
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jung myung seok fight in dreams

Why do you fight in dreams?

Pastor Jung Myung Seok said this during one of his assemblies  “In your dreams, you may see your soul quarreling and wrestling with an opponent. I will tell you what causes this in reality and what such dreams mean. An opponent that quarrels and wrestles with your soul in a dream, may be symbolic of a…
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