About Providence

About Providence

Providence, or also officially known as Christian Gospel Mission, was started by Pastor Jung Myung Seok in South Korea, to spread the Word that he received from the Trinity (God, Holy Spirit and Holy Son) from the year 1978. In 40 years, Providence has grown to more than 30 nations over the world.

This site holds a collection of conversations Pastor Jung Myung Seok had with the Holy Son in prayer. These stories came as a result of 21 years of prayers in the mountains and 35 years of making God’s Providence history.

Through a life of prayer, Pastor Jung Myung Seok came to realize his purpose of life, the fundamental truths of the Bible and how God’s history would start. In addition, Pastor Jung came to learn about Heaven and Hell from the Holy Son. He realized that Hell is not the place most people imagine it to be, but rather, there are hundreds of different kinds of hell. Also through prayer, many miracles and wonders happened, and disasters were prevented.

Through these conversations, he wants to let everyone know that God, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit will converse with anyone as long as they reach the level where they can converse.

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