Jung Myung Seok

Jung Myung Seok

Jung Myung Seok, general director of Christian Gospel Mission and the president of the International Culture Art Peace Association. While studying the Bible deeply for about 50 years, president Jung learns about the purpose of his life and the reason God created mankind through a series of conversations he had with the Holy Son in prayer.

These conversations are written into sermons, proverbs, and even poems. Some of his major published Literature works include <The Word of Salvation>, <The Word of Life>, <Heaven’s words and My Word volumes 1- 9>, <Poems of Inspiration volumes 1-4>.

His Poems were collected in the 2011 Korean Poetry Anthology Book, a collection over 100 years of Korean Poetry. His vision and dream are to fulfill God’s world, starting fromĀ Providence Korea, spreading the teachings to people to love God like a bride through spreading this revolutionary gospel.

jung myung seok

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