When there’s a sweltering heatwave and it gets unbearably hot, people whine, “The bitter cold is better.” And then when the weather becomes cold, people grumble, “I can’t bear it. It’s too cold. Heatwaves are better.” Why do our hearts fluctuate so much? Why is the heart so fickle?

Actually, it’s not that our hearts are fickle, but that our nerves are sensitive. The heart and thoughts of the body are all generated from our nerves. By stimulating our nerves, the response is precisely transmitted and revealed in the heart. Even though you make promises with a firm resolve, our hearts change quickly when we face a certain environment. And then we give up. It’s not because our hearts are fickle, but because our nerves are sensitive, and our hearts respond to that. That’s why we need to control our nerves.

If we dull our nerves and become too comfortable, then there is no sensitive reaction in our heart and thoughts, regardless of whether it is cold or hot. In the process of doing that, we may get hurt, or even get killed. Pastor Jung Myung Seok shared his experience.

One time, I also had to deal with something that caused me such a big headache. I didn’t want to concern myself with it, so I made myself dull to it.

When I did that, a problem occurred because I could not do the work that required sharpness and sensitivity, and I could not receive the sharp Word of God.

Therefore, he tells us to guard our nerves carefully and fiercely. Nerves are extremely sensitive; cutting off our nerves just because they are sensitive will cause us to be paralyzed. If our nerves are dull, even if a mosquito is sucking our blood, we won’t feel it. In fact, the sharpness of our nerves is one of the blessings that God gave us. Hence, we must control and govern our nerves with the Word of God.

Because our nerves are so sharp, we need to manage them well. Don’t just suppress your nerves, and don’t overstrain them by enduring. Rather, treat your nerves with the right environment. If the weather is hot, make your nerves cool, and if the weather is cold, make your nerves warm. Don’t just restrain yourself but change the environment. Give yourself treatment through the right environment.

Your nerves always give you a nudge, and make you feel something. Your heart and thoughts then receive that response. This is how God converses with you – He delivers spiritual inspirations, intuitions through the nerves. He does so because your nerves have to feel it first in order for your heart to know and for you to take action. Since the nerves are sensitive, they cannot bear things in the way the heart does. If the nerve cannot bear it because the heart fails to manage them properly, the heart and thoughts won’t be able to bear it either and will eventually collapse. Therefore, treat and manage your nerves well because they are blessings from God.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myeong Seok’s sermon delivered on December 3rd, 2017)

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