Should you continue even when you feel like giving up?

We will always be faced with difficulties in our lives. While running to achieve your goals, perhaps your body becomes weaker, you become tired, or you are faced with conflicts.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok experienced these too. He struggled at times, and struggled to continue running. However, instead of stopping, he made sure to get things done even if it meant he had to crawl. He experienced these in his teens, that’s why he knows. He knows the pain, the difficulties, and the persecutions. And he also knows you have been running around, resolving difficulties as you work. He knows these are agonizing.

He said,

“Having to take a deep breath while you are running even though you are exhausted and struggling is 100 times better than not running and not doing anything, and just sitting comfortably. Because, while running even to the point of exhaustion, you gained something. So, you will live with what you have gained as the source of strength, hope, and foundation.”

Although it can be daunting, when the time of God comes, you must do it at that time. If you fail to gain at the right time, everything will be swept away with time.

Everyone, meet the Lord. Only then will your life genuinely be awesome. You should not let go of the baggage of life when you have come all the way even if you are having a hard time. If you do that, then all the conditions you have set even while suffering until now, and all the blessings that you gained as a result of that, and the glory will disappear at the end. We are not living a life that belongs to the body, which disappears like a consumable product, but we are living a life that fulfills eternal life for the spirit while the body lives! If you live for God’s Will, then you’re really cool, because that life is the best.

What you should do at this time is to heal all the wounds and damage with things that you have gained through prayer and action until now, and rise up while considering what you have gained as your hope and joy. Additionally, since you have gained experience, skills, knowledge, and wisdom while running, you can raise the level even more, using the things that you have gained.

(Extracted from Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on December 31st, 2017)

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