The time spent on going towards the purpose is also joy and hope

Why do we procrastinate? In life, we need to put in effort to gain things. And after gaining them, we need to put in that much effort so that we don’t lose it. But why is it so hard?

It’s because people think that taking action is difficult. So, they say, “I feel lazy to take action. It is hard and tiring.” But we need to get rid of the thought that taking action is tiresome and difficult. We need to take action and move. Then we will feel happy and excited.

Pastor Jung Myung Seok gave a parable. Let’s say you are running towards a spring because you are thirsty. If you think, ‘It’s hard. I feel lazy. It is tiring,’ the whole time, then according to your thoughts — it will really become a difficult time of suffering for the entire duration of time it takes to get there. However, if you go there with joy and hope while thinking about drinking water, then according to your thoughts — it will become joy and hope throughout the entire time of going there.

If you are ecstatic only when you drink water, then the time you feel joy and delight is too short. But if you take the time of running towards the spring in order to drink water as the time of hope and joy, and take action, then you will feel joy and excitement for a long period of time.

The Holy Spirit said:

“Don’t think of taking action as something that is difficult. Change your perception. When finding treasures also, it’s not only when you grab hold of the treasure that you feel happy and excited.
When you sweat and dig them out, your brain and body also get caught up in it and take action with joy and excitement, so those efforts are joy.”

Even with fruit trees too, you need to put in hard work and effort for about four to five years, until you can pick the fruits and eat them. Compared to the time spent on raising and taking care of the trees, the time you can pick the fruits and eat them is very short. That’s why people say, “It is tedious. I feel lazy. It is hard to put in work.”

But, if you take the period of working and raising the tree as joy, then you will be stimulated with joy and hope, and the work will be pleasurable. Then, you will do them. Then, you will not get neurosis, and working will become your constitution and you will do it with joy.

Everything in life is also like this. What will you take action on today?

(Extracted from Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on December 27th, 2017)

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