Is there only one kind of death?

When it comes to death, people think there’s only one kind of death and treat it as such. However, there are hundreds of events through which you can experience death in your daily life. For example, imagine there is a fire. If you don’t know where the exit is, then you will die even though you could’ve lived.

Pastor Jung Myung seok shared that according to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, there are two kinds of death – the death of the body and the death of the spirit. When look at death in even greater detail, They consider death as having four kinds. Death of the body can refer to the following:

First, a person’s body is completely dead when his breath is completely cut off, and his body is thus dead.

Second, a dead person is one whose body is alive but cannot function to take action.

Third, a person whose body is alive yet does not know what he should know is said to be ‘dead’ because he will eventually suffer harm due to his ignorance.

Fourth, a person who still lives in the old time period although the new time period has come is said to be ‘dead’ in terms of the time period.

Fifth, a person who lives a life that belongs to the night even though the day has come is considered ‘dead.’

Sixth, a person whose body is alive yet does not repent after committing sins is also dead due to sin from God’s point of view.

A dead person is someone who is disconnected and cut off from the thoughts of God and the Lord. However, if they reconnect themselves, they will become a ‘living person.’

If a spirit or soul acts outside of God’s domain of life, it is death. If a person slanders God’s history and the Lord and acts in unity with Satan, [their spirit] is also considered dead. There is a complete death for the spirit too. If their thoughts, perspective, deeds, and body completely cross over to the evil side, their spirit will become completely dead

If the spirit, receives the death sentence, and goes to the domain of death, it becomes a ‘completely dead spirit’. At that time, the spirit can never come out of the domain of death for eternity.

That is why Pastor Joshua Jung said,

“You should not let your spirit die completely.”

(Extracted from Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on January 14th, 2018)

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