Where can I find the Answers to My Problems

People must take action in the course of living their lives. However, problems always arise as long as you take action. As a result, people live suffering from headaches caused by the problems of life. There are various physical problems, but there are also eternal spiritual problems.

Therefore, there is no such thing as a life without problems.

People must resolve these problems. They look for answers about their work or their path of life, and they wonder what they should do. If you cannot find answers at such times, you cannot do it, and even if you take action, you will fail. Therefore, answers are as valuable as ‘a lump of gold.’

As Pastor Jung Myung Seok was wrapping up 2017, he was looking for answers to various issues. At that time, the Holy Spirit said,

“There are no special answers for those problems. Realizing is the answer. What I made you realize is the answer.

Petition like Daniel in order to realize, and focus. You have to try to realize. Then you will realize even on your own and receive answers, and the Trinity will also make you realize and give you answers.”

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are the answers. God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord, who know each person’s problems, so they will give the so that each person can realize. The Messiah sent to the earth is the answer. In particular, they are the answer to religious problems. The answer for the soul and spirit is the answer to your eternal problems.

So, how can you receive an answer through a realization?

God and the Holy Spirit give realizations to people’s thoughts and remind them.

At first, you might think to yourself, ‘Is this my own thought?’ At that time, you need to converse with The Trinity right away, pray, and ask Them.  You will also be able to discern whether it is your own thought or a realization from the Trinity when you look at the content of your realization.

When The Trinity give you answers through realization, They make you realize by inspiring you through the Holy Spirit, through creation, and especially while They are giving the Word. Therefore, you have to listen to the Word well.

When you need the answer right away, the Trinity will make you realize directly. So, pray that you will always realize, and converse with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.

For example, imagine how joyful and happy you would be if you know the answers when taking an exam. However, if you don’t take action even after being given the answers, you will continue to live bound by problems, and hope will not be fulfilled.

You should take action immediately when you realize. Then it will be resolved! If you do it late, you will forget your realization from your memory. If that happens, you will end up unable to do it.

Pastor Jung shared,

“Even though the Holy Spirit woke me up at 1 am, I couldn’t get up. So when I prayed about this problem, the Holy Spirit gave an <answer> so that I would realize. She said, “If you don’t get up in 10 seconds after waking up, you will fall back to sleep since you are still in the state of sleep. As a result, you will fail with prayer.

After receiving this answer, the next day I got up immediately in 10 seconds after waking up, so I succeeded! Because I was struggling to wake up early in the predawn, the Holy Spirit spoke so that I would realize.

She said, “Whether you get up at 1 am, 2 am, or 3 am, it’s all hard. But if you get up early, both what you receive and the situation will change. Therefore, do it at the right time even if it is hard.””

When I realized the <answer> and put it to action, the problem was solved.”

If you earnestly ask the Holy Spirit, She will let you realize. But people don’t ask.

The Holy Spirit also said,

“A <lazy person> is shallow and always late doing what he has to do. How frustrated a <fast person> would feel looking at that! Run as you fly at the opportune moment of instantly catching something like a cheetah, and take action like a soaring eagle! This will determine the destiny of [the next] 10, 20 years.”

(Extracted from Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on January 3rd, 2018)

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