Things will work out so long as you do not get discouraged

While conversing with the Holy Son in prayer, Pastor Jung Myung Seok asked God, “People’s hearts are easily affected by the environment, people’s words and their own thoughts. They get discouraged easily and some even gave up their lives while thinking negatively. What should people do to overcome the feeling of being discouraged?”

It’s normal to feel discouraged and lose heart, isn’t it? Those days where nothing seems to go right, and we feel so disheartened. Everybody goes through those phases, so how can we overcome it?

While praying sincerely about this problem, God gave Pastor Jung this message.

“Do not be discouraged in your heart just because things doesn’t work out according to your expectations, things will work out as long as your heart and thoughts do not get discouraged.”

People have to understand the importance of their own heart and thoughts. Thoughts are so tremendously important. Human beings seize or let go of the world with their heart and thoughts. When your thoughts break down, everything else falls apart. Therefore, train your heart and mind to think well.

Let me explain to you in a parable, even if the leaves of a plant are cut off, the plant will still be able to grow new leaves as time passes. But if its shoot is cut off, the plant will never be able to grow new leaves again. People’s heart and thoughts are like ‘the shoot.’ As long as they don’t pull out “the shoot of the heart and thoughts”, it will continue to exist and grow for their entire life and also for eternity, and they will still be able to take action even during the midst of facing tribulations. Therefore,

“It is to make your thoughts clean. Then your life will be clean, and you will see all kinds of astonishing worlds. If you lose in the heart, you will lose everything in the end. “

As Pastor Jung heard the words of God he confessed replying, “Amen! Just like how it was in the past, even though me and my disciples built “The Ambition Masterpiece in the Natural Temple” together with God, we went through a period of difficulties as it crumbled five times. However, even though the rocks crumbled, my heart said, ‘I will build it in a better way!’ and did not crumble. So, I was able to build it again.

When we were building it the fourth and fifth times, in particular, we brought in the best rocks and built them in an exquisite way so that we could not build it in any better way. However, it crumbled again, and some of the rocks broke. Although it was not a problem to build it again since my heart had not crumbled but at that moment we faced other problems of not having enough rocks to continue with the construction.

As I reflect on the past, it would have been natural for us to feel worried and become discouraged. However, instead of giving up, we went to buy better rocks with hope. Surprisingly, the owner of the rock company sold us rocks that he previously told us he would not sell and other rock companies offered to sell newly dug up rocks. In the end, we were able to buy bigger rocks and artwork rocks.

In fact, If the rock landscape had not crumbled and rocks had not broken we wouldn’t have gone to the rock companies to buy new rocks. Rocks that crumbled and broke after the fourth and fifth attempts broke because they were weak, and rocks that did not break did not break because they were strong. So we took out the broken rocks and the small rocks that we originally used to build the rock landscape with and we built the Ambition Masterpiece with good and big rocks that we newly bought. The more times the rocks crumbled, the more times we changed them with better rocks. I believed that God always had better things to give to us, so as long as we took action with God’s design without letting our hearts crumble, things worked out eventually. In the end, on the sixth attempt, we completed the Ambition Masterpiece with bigger, masterpiece rocks.

Through the process, we learned and were able to build it in a better way. Because we were able to fulfill the purpose, in the end, even the things that we struggled with and did in the past all became joy.

“God always gave better things.”

The Ambition Masterpiece became a masterpiece drawn by the best artist. God also saw it and said,

“I am happy every time I see it because it turned out according to My design. It has been made in the best way. It was built in a better way than when I showed you the design for the first time. It became better as you took action.”

When I took action and petitioned only in the direction the Trinity wanted, God gave better things. And for the rocks we could not get at the right time, we got them in the end and used them in the rock landscapes. It consists of rocks and trees, so they last for tens of thousands of years. Things that have been built with rocks last thousands of years. Rocks and trees in the Natural Temple> have become one chunk together with dirt, and now they have become solidified. The rocks in the Ambition Masterpiece have now become smoother and more polished because they were worn down by the wind and rain since it was completed twenty years ago, but they are standing solidly as if they are deeply rooted in the ground.”

Even if you feel discouraged, continue to persevere, and take action with the hope that God will prepare better things. Things will work out if your heart and thoughts do not get discouraged.

(Extracted from Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on December 18th, 2017)


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