What must we do so that our prayers will be fulfilled?

Prayer is conversation with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. It is about talking with them and conversing with them. Conversing earnestly is what prayer is.

At first, you won;t know how to converse or talk with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. So you just need to tell Them, talking to them about your situation in detail, just as you would talk with a person. What you do is talk to, converse with, and plead with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son about things you would tell people about. If you pray and tell God Almighty about the things that did not work out even after a year or ten years, if it is appropriate, He will sometimes take action as soon as you finish praying, and in some cases He only makes a promise by giving you an answer in your heart, and then helps you and resolves your problem by taking action at the most appropriate time.

However, even if you did pray, God does not accept things that are inappropriate. Those kinds of prayers will not get fulfilled. And even if your prayer is appropriate, if you have sin, God will not accept it because there is a period of punishment due to that sin. Therefore, you must repent for your sin and promise never to commit that sin again. If it is an appropriate prayer, God accepts it. Therefore, that prayer will be fulfilled.

However, prayers are fulfilled according to the time as well; some are fulfilled immediately, some, a little later, and others still, after a long time has passed. Therefore you need to be thankful until that time, and keep praying as you wait. Then God will not forget it, and you will not forget it either. You must not forget about it; then you will receive it thankfully when God gives it to you according to the right time.

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are Deities. They are Almighty Beings. Never think that the Divine Beings are far away. They are closer to you than the closet person. Only the Divine Being can be close to us all the time. Therefore, you must always live with the Divine Being and interact with Them with love. The Divine Being goes nearest to people who love Them.

The Holy Son told Pastor Jung Myung Seok the following about prayer:

“Through prayer, tell Me about what you want frequently and repeatedly. I want to give you the things you prayed for, but I can’t because you have forgotten about them. Therefore,if you are petitioning Me for something you want, you need to keep asking constantly. There is a difference between asking for something once and asking for it twice. The more you ask, the more My, the Holy Son’s heart, God’s heart, and the Holy Spirit’s heart shift.

When praying, you must ask to the point God, the Holy Spirit, and My, the Holy Son’s hearts are moved. We have everything. If you ask, We will give it to you, but We will give it to you only when the condition is be met. God, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son, give only if Our hearts are moved, and after taking everything into account.

We give because they are things We promised to give. We give so that We can eat, enjoy, and delight in those things with you. If you love God and Me, the Holy Son even more after receiving them, and eat and enjoy with Us, then We are so happy that We give you even more.

Even if you pray, We give according to each person’s vessel. When you pray for something, it takes time to make it thing happen. So you need to wait during that time. The Bible says that you must ask, and then it will be given to you. Things are almost never given to you without you asking for them. If you receive as a result of asking, you will believe in and follow God, the Holy Spirit, Me, the Holy Son, and the person sent for the time period all the more. That is why We give only when you ask.”

If you receive something from God and the Holy Son but use it only physically however you like, you will walk the path of sin and fall instead. Therefore, you must pray to continuously use the things you received well. Also, you must use those things to believe in God and the Holy Son better, to love Them and to follow the eternal path of life.

God entrusted you with money, fame and other things that are like vineyards. Those vineyards are not yours but they belong to God. Therefore, you must always give the harvest to God, give thanks, and hold banquets of celebration with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son.

You should not only try to grow your business either. If it does not balance with your faith, you will end up off-balance even if you do expand your business. This is true for individuals, families, nations, and the world. If you have a change of heart after receiving a blessing, then the way you operate and run will also change. When you ask, God and the Holy Son give you the things you ask for. However, the question is what you do with them. The problem is that people receive blessings from the Holy Son but use them as their hearts desire.

After receiving a blessing, you must really use it well. God will let the things individuals and families operate become even bigger and more prosperous depending on how well they use the blessing they have received. If God and the Holy Son say, “This is fitting to My heart,” They will bless both individuals and families so that they continue to do well. Pastor Joshua Jung knows this very well because he has experienced throughout his life. This is God’s operational policy that appears in the Bible.

Petition and pray miraculous prayers that make something from nothing. If, after receiving what you have prayed for, you use it well, God will keep giving you more. Therefore, first, you must ask well. Second, be thankful and grateful during the time of waiting before you receive, keeping asking repeatedly. Third, once you have received what you prayed for, you must use it well.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on November 24th, 2013)

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