Why is work never-ending and so difficult?

We’ve all had days where we’ve felt like giving up. Days where our work felt insurmountable. When you feel like that, how do you press on? Pastor Jung Myung Seok too, faces those days. And on those days too, he must continue on.

Every day, Pastor Jung Myung Seok receives various reports, documents seeking approval, and letters about all kinds of problems from all around the world. On average, he gets more than 500 letters per day, to the point where he cannot even read them all. Even though he reads and answers them daily, no matter how ceaselessly he works on them, there seems to be no end. It takes a tremendous amount of time because apart from reading them one by one, he must pray and ask the Holy Son and make a judgement before writing a reply or giving approval. If you receive a reply, it’s a miracle.

It would be much simpler if leading people onto the path of life only required giving sermons. However, merely giving sermons is not the end of it. Pastor Jung leads with regards to the matters of our body too. Only then can your body act properly so that your spirit can transform. That’s why he cannot just stop at preaching. It is inevitable that he must exchange letters and give out answers.

Thus, he is busy with many things to do. Once he finishes writing a sermon, he immediately begins to do countless little things that must be done. So, every day, with the goal of completing the tasks that are piled up like a mountain before him, he signed and thought, “When can I finish all this work?”

Ahead of time, he buys paper and ball-point pens in large quantities. Even so, while writing replies, they would inevitably run out. Although he writes and replies to the point where the thick stack of paper and large quantity of pens all run out, the things he must do never ends. Even after working on them consistently, the work still remains and keeps coming in daily. There was never a day when Pastor Jung could say, “Now, everything is done.”

One time, the Holy Son Lord said the following.

“The purpose is hope and joy. Are you making it your purpose to finish all the work and are you struggling without even praying or writing the Word in order to complete the work quickly? If you work in that way, once you finish all the work and achieve the goal, your heart will become lax, your body will also become sick, and you will suffer the aftereffects.

So do not make it your goal to only finish all the work and do not struggle in all kinds of ways to simply complete it. In the process of achieving the goal, you can find hope, joy and dreams in doing it with Me, the Holy Son. If you only try to achieve the goal and get it over with, there is no joy or gratification during the process. It will only be tiring and difficult.

You set it as the purpose to finish the work quickly and you only try to achieve that purpose…… that is why working, counseling, lecturing, managing, preaching, praying, evangelizing, and all things are difficult, draining and tiring. Also, you end up doing even the work you do superficially, so it doesn’t get done 100% perfectly.”

While talking about this, the Holy Son also spoke about why we find it hard as we take action.

“While living their lives, people only try to achieve their purpose and struggle to complete their work quickly. Then the work becomes slapdash, is done out of formality, and is not done 100% properly. So, what kind of mindset must we have when doing our missions, whether big or small?”

The Holy Son said:

“Do all things as if you are eating from a banquet of delicacies. When you do the work of Heaven and earth that is set as a purpose, do it slowly with Me, the Holy Son, and My Bunche as if you are eating from a banquet of delicious food.”


You eat for the joy of eating. If your purpose is to consume everything quickly, there is no joy in eating the food. You should taste the flavor of each and every morsel, and savor the feeling of biting it, chewing it, and swallowing it while also enjoying the appearance of the food with your eyes also. Then when you eat, you will become excited and gain strength, endorphins will be produced, and joy will spring up.


Just as you enjoy the flavor of the food you eat, you should do everything that is entrusted to you one by one while discussing and conversing with the Holy Son. When you complete everything that you have set as a purpose, your zeal will cool down. Then once again only a cold wind will blow. Live according to My mentoring. Then you will rapture without making a mistake. The Rapture is achieved by the transformation of your body, soul, and spirit on earth through the life you live in the body. As a result, your spirit becomes a spirit of the Rapture and goes to Heaven.


However, if you keep finishing each task solely, your body will become tired and weary of life, and then the body, soul, and spirit will not be able to transform perfectly on earth. This will also hinder the rapture of your spirit. Therefore, you have to live in a way that doesn’t make you tired.

Keep setting new purposes. Take action with a set purpose but don’t just think about completing that purpose. A purpose is hope and joy; therefore, when you have completed one purpose, design another purpose and take action. Then that new purpose will become your source of hope, joy, and dream.”

If you live with the mindset as if you are being chased by your work, you cannot go far. You must live with wisdom and skill. To live skillfully, means to live according to reason. What then, is reason? Like a tree, reason is like the branches. In other words, savor each branch of the work you do.

Carrying out each task and each mission is like eating food and enjoying its flavor. Just as you taste various kinds of flavors in the food you are eating, you need to taste the unique individual flavor of the various tasks you are doing. Then endorphins will spring up.

Then you will receive strength from your work, realize new things through the work, realize the Word through your actions, and gain benefits grace through your actions. As a result, you will be able to exist powerfully.

Of course, you cannot just rejoice in the process without fulfilling the purpose. You must fulfill the purpose, but once you do so, the hope, joy, and dreams you had for that purpose will disappear. Therefore, you should set up a new purpose, take action toward it, and experience the joy, satisfaction and hope during the process.

When you build a house, you cannot only enjoy the building process but fail to complete the house, which is the purpose. However, once the house is built and the purpose is fulfilled, the fun, joy, hope, and dreams of the process disappear. Therefore, you should come up with another purpose as your second goal. In other words, you should plan to live a wonderful life in that house and move toward that purpose.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on July 28th 2013)

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