How to handle issues well and without complications?

Pastor Jung asked the Holy, Son while praying early at predawn.

“As people do their work or as they live their lives, what must they do so that they can work well without regrets, and what must they do to make good decisions and take action well? Also, when I am giving decisions to the reports, what must I do to handle them well so problems do not occur? Providence people ask me a lot of things before taking action on them. What must I do to solve their problems well without complications? Please tell me.”

At this, the Holy Son answered.

“If you take action while thinking about only one thing, that one problem will get solved but it will cause other problems. Therefore, do not think only about one thing.”

Then during that day, the Holy Son used creation to make Pastor Jung realize clearly about what He said in the predawn. 
Fruit flies were continually hovering around on one side of the bathroom, and some even came into Pastor Jung’s room and were buzzing around. He discovered some leftover fruit he had thrown away the day before the thanksgiving holiday, which had attracted the fruit flies. They were really bothering him. On seeing them, Pastor Jung said to himself, “good for nothing bugs…… instead of catching them with my hands, let me completely eradicate them! Let me wipe them out!” So Pastor Jung shut the bathroom door and sprayed a large amount of bug spray. After spraying them twice, he had used up half the can. All the fruit flies were eradicated and his heart was fully satisfied. Ten minutes later, Pastor Jung was reminded of the five crickets he was raising in his bathroom. Only then did he start to worry about what had happened to the crickets. He went and saw that they had all collapsed and were struggling.

While taking action with only one thought of killing the fruit flies, Pastor Jung ended up harming the crickets, which were other lives. He gave them emergency treatment by bringing all of them into the room for fresh air and praying for them. Despite that, all of them kept rolling around and then died. That is why the Holy Son had given Pastor Jung a revelation at predawn saying, “Do not take action while thinking of only one thing. If you take action thinking only about one thing, it may cause other problems, you might make mistakes, and so you will end up with regrets even after doing the work.” The Holy Son enlightened Pastor Jung sharply about the revelation through this situation so that he would abide by this Word for his entire lifetime.

The Holy Son said:

“Even if it is something you are taking action on because you like it, make sure you check to see if doing that one thing could cause other problems before you proceed to take action. Convey the Word I gave you as a revelation to everyone so that everyone will do so. As a person is lives his life, if he thinks only about what he likes because that is urgent at that moment, and if he takes action with only that one thing as his purpose, he may solve the immediate problem, but it will cause other problems, and that person could incur losses, go through hardships, get hurt, or even die. The examples of this happening are too numerous to count. Therefore, do not only think about one thing but take action while thinking about other things as well.” Pastor Jung said “Everyone, every time you work, don’t think about just one thing but think about two things – whether other problems might occur as a result of doing that – and check before you take action. Because people take action thinking only about one thing, thousands of problems occur in Providence even in just one day. In the world too, while taking action on just one thought, millions of problems occur even in a single day, people even die or commit suicide, accidents happen and people suffer harm. Everyone, I want you to think about your past. I’m sure that while you were taking action while thinking only about one thing – your purpose – problems occurred, you got hurt, you went through hardships, and suffered losses.” [youtube]
While driving fast thinking only about getting to the destination, people get into car accidents, become critically injured in an instant, and end up crippled or even dead on the spot. Thinking only about one thing, closing the door, people don’t know their left finger is in the way, and seriously hurt it. While taking action thinking about only one thing – completing the building quickly – the construction ends up defective, so the building collapses and people die. Sometimes tens of millions of people die in a war that breaks out because people taking action while only thinking about one thing.

While looking at only one thing and interpreting the Bible the way they want, and then taking action that way, people go to the domain of death and cause even their followers – who are trying to receive salvation – to leave God’s Will and go to destruction. While thinking about only one thing and living their lives only believing invisible idols and not thinking about the eternal God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son, souls and spirits as numerous as clouds have been going to death for thousands of years. People think of only one thing and even believers have ritualistic faith and are leading their spirits to death.

The Holy Son felt sorry for all of them and said, “If you take action while thinking only about one thing, then other problems will occur, you will suffer, you will incur losses, you may even end up dying meaninglessly, and you will even go to the eternal Hell.”

The law of God who is absolute has two sides, like the subject and the object. No matter what you do, there is not just one side, but two. Therefore, you must always take action looking at both sides: front and back, yin and yang, good and evil. Always, whenever you do anything, do not handle the work while looking only at the ‘good.’ Instead, you must deal with the issue while checking to see if the ‘evil’ is causing harm or not. If you look at only one side, you will make mistakes and suffer harm. Also when dealing with people, do not deal with them while looking at only ‘one thing, their positive attributes.’ Instead, you must deal with them while looking at ‘two things, their positives, and negatives.’ Then you will not make mistakes. 

[youtube] One time, Pastor Jung was pulling weeds out of a bean field with his mother. It was so hard for him to work with his back hunched over. So, he sat down comfortably and kept pulling the weeds out. When he did that, the field got crushed and the beanstalks broke. On seeing that, Pastor Jung’s mother rebuked him, “While weeding the field you might crush the bean field and ruin the entire harvest. You should just cut the weeds at the edge of the field. Why did you only think about one thing when you did that?” Pastor Jung became sad when he saw the broken beanstalks. Pastor Jung said “Everything you do in life is like this. Don’t just regret after you made a mistake or problems have occurred, or after you have suffered harm. Instead, before taking action on what you have planned, first check to see whether doing so will cause problems. Doing it that way is faster, completing the work will be satisfying, and you will gain as a result of doing it.” Pastor Jung got upset when he saw that the crickets had died. So, to completely eradicate every last fruit fly, he sprayed even more insecticide. Ten minutes later, he thought, “Now all the fruit flies must be dead!” and he opened the bathroom door. When he did, one baby cricket was crawling up the wall, looking at him.

Pastor Jung was shocked! He thought, “There was one more cricket, a baby one! I have sprayed so much insecticide, what should I do? I feel so sorry for it. But how did it not die? How did the baby cricket not die when the adult crickets all died?”

At that moment, he heard the Holy Son’s voice as a realization.

“The death of the four adult crickets is a revelation and the survival of the baby cricket is a revelation too. This is not a coincidence. This is not your mistake either. This is something that I, the Holy Son, did through you.

When you sprayed so much insecticide, the big crickets died. However, the baby cricket did not die even though it was both small and weak.  The same is true with those whom I love. God is protecting them, so who can harm them? No matter how much tribulation and persecution there is, since the righteous person of the time period has prayed, if God saves them, they will come to life like this. So don’t worry. No matter how much the evildoers’ slander, if God protects people of Providence, they will not die but come to life. Rather, only the spirits of those who teach such words and believe they will go to death. Those who absolutely believe in the truth and believe in the savior will not die.”

Because people do not know, they only think about one thing, and they suffer loss and harm because they do what they should not do and don’t do what they should do. Once the brain becomes fixated on one thing, everything it does revolves around that thing. Therefore, they take action looking only at one thing, without knowing that will cause other problems. That is why, whether you are doing something you planned, or doing something that you like before that thing gets stuck in the brain, you should first analyze it and not think of only one thing, but take action while looking at everything.

The body has two eyes and the spirit also has two eyes. Therefore, you should check with both the thoughts of the body and the thoughts of the spirit to see if there are any problems if you do that, and take action while checking two things. No matter how much you are doing something you like, you definitely have to think about other problems that could arise as a result of doing it before you take action. With food too, when you eat salty foods that you like, you get excited and it doesn’t even feel expensive. However, if you eat thinking only about one thing, the taste, then you could end up with stomach or kidney disease. If you don’t pray in the predawn, it might be good for at that moment because you sleep a lot, but there are many problems that come from that. Many souls and spirits have gone to death, your spirit will lack power because you have no merits, you will gain nothing because you have sown nothing. Also, since you can’t meet the Holy Son, the love between you and Him will grow distant.

You must not think only about one thing, making money. There are dangers that come as result of doing so – sometimes people’s faith is derailed and sometimes people fall for the opposite sex. Therefore, even if you do make money, you must take action thoroughly while making sure to look at other things too. When doing what you planned, you should be sure to think of more than two things and then take action if there are no problems. You must also ask the Holy Son, be sure to pray, and do your own research yourself. You must be sure to pray first. When working, you must do the work after figuring it out in detail. Then you will not make mistakes. You must be sure to look to see if doing this will cause a problem with that. You must first sufficiently think through and calculate, and then take action afterward.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on October 5th, 2014 and October 8th, 2014)

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