Can Prayer Play an Important Role in Life?

One day during the predawn hours, Pastor Jung Myung Seok prayed and confessed to the Lord saying, “Holy Son Lord, ever since I lived believing and loving you, I have been leading a life of prayer even during times of tribulations and hardships. I did not gave up praying during those times, but instead I hold on to you even more tightly through prayer, and was able to overcome all the trials and difficulties. Truly, prayer plays such an important role in my life.”

Upon hearing the heartfelt words of confession from Pastor Jung, the Holy Son Lord gave this message.

 ‘Who’ do the brides of Heaven converse with and ‘who’ do they take action with?

It is the brides that converse with and take action with the main counterpart of love. In other words, it is ‘God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.’ Then let me ask you, ‘what’ do brides take action on?

Pastor Jung replied “The will of God!”

“Yes, a bride takes action on God’s Will. You take action together with the Trinity and the Lord on God’s Will for you, God’s Will for this time period, and God’s Will for the Purpose of Creation! Therefore, we have ‘conversations of the Word’ and ‘conversations of prayer’ so that you don’t grow distant from the Trinity in heart, thoughts, body, and spirit, and to take action being united with us.”

The Holy Son continued “When the conversations of the Word and prayer are cut off, people grow distant from God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son. As people drifted further away and become distant they treat us The Trinity like strangers. Therefore, it is extremely important for people to listen to ‘the Word’ and also live with ‘the Word’ planted in their brains while they are living their life of faith. It is to pray and converse with the Trinity through “the Word” and converse about various things in your life.

‘The Word is a conversation with the Trinity and the Lord’ and prayer also is ‘a conversation with the Trinity and the Lord.’ Therefore, when you pray, you will ‘think’ about God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord. And you will pay attention to that. Therefore, the path of communication is open up and in that process, ‘the door of prayer and the door of conversation’ is open and ‘the thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord’ come in through those doors.

If People don’t pray they become distant from Us. Since people who don’t pray get cut off from ‘conversation with the Trinity and the Lord,’ they become distant from the thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord and will end up centering on their own thoughts. Then they will have to pay the price for their actions, and live a different life without the Trinity.

People who pray are ‘people who converse with the Trinity and the Lord.’ Therefore, they become close to the Trinity. They live their life hand in hand together with Us.

That is why I tell you prayer is that important, don’t think of prayer as something simple.

Prayer plays an extremely important role – to the point it can determine ‘the destiny of your life of faith.’

Prayer plays an extremely important role – to the point it can determine your ‘distance from God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord.’

Prayer plays a big role in both ‘salvation’ and ‘the rapture.’

No one receive salvation without praying.

Just as people always tend to their crops diligently right before the harvest, God lets you pray and take action diligently with the blessing right before you. If you pray, take action, and receive at this time!, your body will use it for its ‘lifetime’ and your spirit will use it ‘forever.’

As Pastor Jung was recording down this message, The Holy Son Lord gave these last few lines and urge Pastor Jung to write it down well and share it to Providence and the people of the world, remind them to carve it deeply in to their hearts.

Prayer is ‘conversation.’ It is ‘love.’

Through prayer you go even closer to the Trinity and the Lord.

Through prayer you become united with the thoughts of the Trinity and the Lord.

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