How to pray to communicate with the Holy Son

Pastor Jung Myung Seok said: “You must pray. Then what you wish for will come true,” and he talks about how you should pray in order to become united with the Holy Son and communicate with Him. But what is prayer?

Prayer is having a conversation with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son in the name of the Lord. Among the things you prayed for, only what is proper reaches God. When you pray, God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son consider it, and if it is proper, They set a time and hour and prepare a helper, and then send them to help you and answer your prayer.

Whether it is for you or for someone else, God grants it only when you pray. This is God’s law, so God fulfills it for you absolutely only if you pray. Just as crops do not grow without the seeds being sown, things do not happen unless you pray. Even when you pray, you must not pray only from your own position and you must not stop after praying briefly. When prayingJung Myung Seok Prayer, you have to pray eagerly, earnestly, and sincerely and you have to pray until the end. Just as you keeping working on the task it is done, and just as you would walk until you reach the destination; when praying, you must also pray earnestly and until the end whether it is for three days, a week, 21 days, 40 days, or even for a brief moment in urgent cases, asking God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son to grant it. You must pray anxiously and desperately while focusing your mind, just as you would cry out desperately and long to come out of a deep ditch you were gradually sinking into.

If you have sinned, you should not simply pray but you must pray while refraining from sin. Then God and the Holy Son will grant your prayer readily. Also, you must promise that as much as you prosper, you will keep your faith more and love the Holy Son more, and you must live true to those words every day. Then, Heaven will grant your prayer readily.

Next, Pastor Jung will share why worthless thoughts and distracting thoughts come into your head; why you become sleepy during prayer; how you can pray without thinking worthless and distracting thoughts and without being sleepy; how you can pray deeply, and how you can connect with the Holy Son.

Pastor Jung said that when you pray, you need to be alert and keep words in continuation of what you said previously, connecting both statements. As you continue to speak in that way, you should speak clearly in front of the Lord of lords, the Almighty King. Then, you will not feel sleepy because no crack will be created and you will not have distracting thoughts in the brain.

He also said that if you doze off while praying, in the beginning you must stimulate your head by pinching it repeatedly with one hand so that you can’t drift off to sleep. It is not the body dozing off but the brain dozing off.

When you pray, if you pay attention to connecting what you said earlier to what you will say later, the rhythm of prayer will not be broken, so you will not have distracting thoughts but will go deep into prayer. You must not be distracted and look elsewhere with your eyes of thoughts.

If your prayer stops along the way and you cannot think of what to say next, you should immediately close all gaps by calling upon the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit. If you sit without saying anything because you have nothing to say, your brain will immediately bring up worthless thoughts. It is the brain’s nature to have idle thoughts by default, if you leave it by itself and do not think strong thoughts. Therefore, you need to concentrate your mind, think intensely, and take action. Then idle thoughts can never enter and you will not feel sleepy.

When you have other thoughts, the brain can instantly change its direction even if you simply speak to it. Therefore, whenever the brain is entertaining bad thoughts, sinful thoughts, or sexual thoughts, you should rebuke it yourself. If you leave it alone, the brain will think about sinning and will end up sinning. In the end, you who have allowed your brain to have bad thoughts must bear the responsibility and pay the price for your sins.

Why do you keep having strange and bad thoughts even though you don’t want to in your heart? It is because of the thoughts that have already permeated into your brain and keep affecting it. In order to remove them, you must absolutely pack(!) your brain and fill it up(!) with the Word of God, the Word of the Holy Son, and the Spirit of the Holy Spirit. Then worthless thoughts and jumbled worldly memories will disappear. If you do this, then even if you are not using the brain but just sitting quietly, you will continuously think of God, the Holy Spirit and the Holy Son. The brain must be clean; then you will be clean with regard to the opposite sex, clean in the matter of sins, clean in the body, clean in your thoughts, and clean in your daily life…… and so in regular times, you will connect to the Holy Son and the Holy Spirit well.

The brain that has cleaned up it’s rotten thoughts in your brain and and ideas frequently receives email that contains the Word of life from the Holy Son. Also, when the Holy Son speaks, the brain hears it and so the heart realizes.

Finally, Pastor Jung tells us why we need to pray.

He said that if you pray, things that do not usually come to mind will come to mind clearly and thoughts of the Holy Son and spiritual things will occur to you. Therefore, you will receive the strength and ideas with which you will be able to take action. If you pray, you connect with the Holy Son in the areas that you could not connect before.

If you pray, your body, heart, brain, soul, and spirit all transform. Therefore, you start to take action according to the Word more, and consequently, your spirit transforms into a spirit of the Rapture faster.

If you pray, you go to the soul world in dreams, where you can see the condition of your soul your spirit. Because of that, your body will sometimes avoid a crisis by taking action according to the condition of your soul and spirit. You must pray; then you can also feel and realize about diseases in your physical body. You must pray, then Satan cannot tempt you, and even if wicked people tempt you, your heart will not be swayed.

You must pray, then you can realize deeply when you hear the Word. You must pray, then your heart will become bold and you can evangelize well too. You must pray, then you will use predawn hours as yours, in the most spiritual way.

You must pray, then you will realize how wrong the way you lived in the past was, you will know that the Holy Son is helping you and is with you, and you will piercingly realize the Holy Son’s shimjeong.

You must pray, then you will live even through a deadly crisis. Those of you who pray should set a time in the predawn hours, at midday, and at night, and pray continuously, connecting your prayers without missing that time in the midst of your everyday life, also. Then there will be no crack in the middle, so you will not spend time on worthless things or for Satan in the midst of your everyday life.

If the rhythm of your prayer breaks during your daily life, those hours become worthless. You must absolutely set prayer times and pray continuously to keep your daily prayer rhythm. You will certainly gain as much as you pray. You must definitely engrave this in your heart and truly pray.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on August 11th, 2014)

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