What was God’s purpose for creating heaven and earth, all nature and human beings?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFMHn0RusGw&w=560&h=315&align=left] One day when Pastor Jung Myung Seok was having a conversation with the Trinity about the purpose why God created heaven and earth all natural and human beings, a realization came into his mind. The purpose for which the Absolute Divine Beings—God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son—created the Great Universe over a period of more than 13.7 billion years was to create the Earth. They created the Earth over a period of more than 4.5 billion years so that they could create human beings.

Through a span over millions of years, God created each human being with their unique heart mind thoughts that form the soul. Upon that foundation, He created the spirit of Human Beings with the purpose of loving them as their eternal counterparts. Through the bodies of Human Beings believing and obeying the word of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Messiah. Their spirit transforms into a Heavenly form, becomes a completed spirit, and lives in Heaven forever with the Trinity. This is the purpose for which the Trinity created heaven and earth, human beings, and their spirits.

However, because people were ignorant about God’s purpose and knew only about fulfilling their own purposes on earth. God’s purpose for which He created the Universe, all things in it, the earth, and human being’s bodies and spirits are not fulfilled. That is why, even though people live a good life, working, eating, drinking, loving and indulge in all kinds of physical pleasure and enjoyment. Their hearts felt empty, agonized, worried, and they live a life of pain.

To escape the pain and emptiness of the heart, one must listen to the Word of life of this time period, realize God’s purpose of creation, fulfill that purpose every day, and thereby transform the soul and spirit endlessly through listening and acting upon the word. Only when the body, heart, mind, and thoughts changes will the soul and spirit change too, therefore it is to make oneself continuously until the end.

“Make your spirit beautiful, wondrous, majestic, and brilliant. Heaven is a world of light, so make your spirit to be dazzling; then you can live in Heaven Eternally.”

It is to make human being’s soul and spirit beautiful through the deeds of their body! The more a person makes his spirit into an awesome and beautiful righteous spirit, the more perfect a counterpart of love to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son he or she becomes. A person’s soul and spirit change according to his own deeds not being affected by the shape of the body. Therefore it is not appropriate to judge the growth of a spirit based on the appearance of the physical body. No matter how much a person develops and transform his body, his or her face stays about the same. The soul and spirit, however, become endlessly beautiful as much as a person develop and transform them.

Faith is not a theory. It is a reality. Therefore, it is to verify and see it in reality. Only then will people not have an illusory faith. It is only by putting the Word into practice, and praying deeply can a person enter into the spiritual world to check the condition of their souls and spirit. A people have to first listen to the word of the time period, understand about the soul and then pray deeply while focusing their thoughts only on God, The Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. Only when doing this repeatedly for a period of time then can they enter the spiritual world. It is to challenge themselves to go up to higher levels where a person can see their own soul entity more completely and check their own spiritual body too. The ultimate purpose of Life is to make the spirit beautiful, majestic, mysterious, and radiant to the utmost degree!

There was once Pastor Jung saw a person who had a really good figure and he thought to himself, ” I should make this person into the Holy Son Lord’s beloved.” So he paid attention to that person and taught that person the Word for a long period of time. However, that person liked the world and the opposite sex more and his body kept tilting towards that direction. So Pastor Jung prayed for that person’s spirit and he saw it – a spirit was crippled and looked really ugly, he looked like an old person or a corpse.

Upon seeing this vision the Holy Son said,

“The Trinity choose their counterparts by looking at the spirit. The body is ever-changing, so it will soon become different. But the spirit never changes once it is made. The spirit shines depending on the deeds of the body. In Heaven, in Paradise, and in other spiritual domains also, a crowd of hundreds of millions of spirits will sometimes gather to look at a beautiful spirit. As a person’s body listens to the Word and acts upon it, ‘the person’s spirit’ is made by that body and takes on the form, face, and heart that they imagine being most beautiful.

Know why God, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son created the Universe, the Earth, and human beings. It was for the sake of creating the spirit. With your body, make your spirit to be most beautiful. Then you will acquire spiritual beauty, authority, and fame. You will become Trinity’s counterpart of love, and you will live being loved forever. Everyone, I hope that all of you will make transforming your spirit through your body’s actions to make your spirit into the most beautiful form, the image of the Trinity, the greatest purpose of your life.”

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on June 16th, 2013)



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