How can a human being live as a divine being?

When Pastor Jung Myung Seok was receiving the Word in the predawn, he confessed, “The Holy Son is the ‘Absolute Divine Being,’ and I am a ‘human being,” and he furiously scribbled down every word the Holy Son gave. In the middle of giving the Word, the Holy Son stopped and spoke saying,

 “You must become a divine being and, as a divine being, receive the Word of the Divine Being. Then there will be no errors. When you are receiving the Word, you should do it perfectly from the start.You should not make corrections after receiving the Divine Being’s words. Focus your mind and, when you’re receiving the Word, receive it perfectly with your brain and heart, and write it down slowly.

At the time you are receiving the Word, receive it 100% perfectly without error. Even the perfect Word of the Divine Being will become human words if you fail to receive it perfectly. Receive the proverbs, sermons, or interpretations of the Bible perfectly at the time you are receiving them! Then, as a human being, you will become a divine being. With the Bible too, it is because people interpreted one word incorrectly that they thought the advent of the spirit was the advent of Jesus’ body – and the people of the former faith ultimately failed to receive the Advent after waiting 2000 years for that body to return, didn’t they? They failed to receive new history because they failed to believe and take action perfectly but took action superficially.
Whatever is not perfect is dead faith.Situations also become Hell if you judge incorrectly. You must judge perfectly for it to become Heaven.  You must also design each of your everyday lives perfectly from the start according to the design of the Almighty, and when taking action, you must also take action perfectly from the start by doing it with Me, the Holy Son. Then you will become a divine being and thus transform quickly. Regardless of who they are, all human beings have spirits. Therefore, if they live according to the Divine Being’s Word, you will become a spirit of the rapture that is in the image of a divine being.”

There is a <way a human being can become a divine being>. It is to listen to the Word of the Divine Being and take action on it.

It is to think, design, and take action perfectly like the Divine Being. The Bible says that the person who receives God’s Word is a god. Those who stand firm on the truth never waver, they control their own hearts and actions, they rule over slander and difficulties, and so they achieve victory. Therefore, a person who has overcome trials and slander and has won in the fight against themselves will live as a divine being.

People sin because they do not know. Because they do not know, they think what they are doing is correct, and they get caught up in what they are doing. Later, they regret it forever saying, “This was not the place I wanted……”

Pastor Jung shared,

incomparably more people are going to Hell than are going to Heaven. As they lived their lives in the domain of their own choosing, they offered money, wealth, and life to idols or human idols: so they ended up investing a huge amount of wealth on going to Hell. After their spirits to go Hell and find out about everything, they say, “I invested so many things in coming to Hell,” and they grieve and cry out eternally about the injustice they suffered.

That is why you must know!!! And live as a divine being. Nothing wrongs you more than not knowing. It costs more money to go to Hell than to go to Heaven. Yet, people live their lives without knowing this, so when you look at the spiritual world, there are incomparably more people going to Hell than going to Heaven. If you don’t know, you will go to Hell while investing money and love to get there. That path is the path to Hell, but they are going down that path without knowing. That is why you must know!! And live as a divine being. In order to do this, you must first listen to the Words of the times. Such are the Words of God and the Holy Son that are delivered through the man-of-mission of the time period. And once you have heard them, you must surely take action on those words. This is the way to become a divine being.

God made the creation perfectly designing the structure of the earth and human beings. Therefore, as human beings live on this earth, they must design their own lives well and control their own bodies and hearts perfectly. Then they will become divine beings and succeed. Look at yourself deeply. Look deeply at life. Don’t think just about the outward appearance but think deeply about how you should use your precious body and heart. You must think deeply; then you will see deeply. You must think deeply; then you will see differently. You must think deeply; then you will see at a high level – at the divine level.

Human beings by themselves cannot rise to the level of the Divine Being. To become a divine being, you must receive the design of the Divine Being, and take action like the Divine Being. An airport must be made perfect in order for airplanes to take off and land. In the same way, you must completely make yourself like a god. Then God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, the Divine Beings, will come and go, and you will live your life communing with them. If you do not make yourself completely, although God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son will come, because there is no place for them to sit, they will just circle around and then leave. I hope that you will make yourself into a human airport of love where God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son can freely take Their seats.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on  November 5th, 2014)


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