Why didn’t God create human beings to be perfect?

One day while praying during the predawn, Pastor Jung Myung Seok prayed while thinking, ‘The omniscient and omnipotent God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son knew very clearly that Adam and Even would be attacked by Satan and fall. Nevertheless, why did God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord create human beings in Their image and likeness but not create them to be perfect absolute beings?’ So Pastor Jung had a long conversation with the Holy Son regarding this topic, and he recorded the conversation and was delivered in the form of a sermon.

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are omnipotent, omniscient and Absolute Divine Beings. They created heaven and earth for 13.7 billion years and created human beings in Their image and likeness. Even though The Trinity was more than capable of creating absolutely perfect human beings, but They did not. Especially the heart was created not to be perfect. That’s why people cause problems in their lives. If God had created human beings to be perfect and absolute beings, Adam and Eve would not have been tempted by Lucifer, God’s enemy, and would not have fallen. Also, if God had created them as perfect and absolute beings, people would have loved one another and would not have hated, fought or waged wars on the earth.

However, because Adam and Eve were not perfect, they were tempted by Lucifer and ended up falling in terms of love. Therefore, even though God chose Adam and Eve to fulfill the ultimate purpose of their creation and wanted to fulfill the absolute will of love, that Will ended up being shattered.

Consequently, God had to carry out the restoration of love for 4000 long years, and the descendants of Adam and Eve suffered the consequence of that sin. Not only that but because of the fall of human beings, God Himself experienced bone-wrenching pain for 4000 years. Also, because human beings are not perfect, there are countless times over the course of thousands of years that they were harmed by Satan, the Devil, and came to ruin through fighting one another, quarreling, and waging wars.

The reason why God didn’t create human beings to be perfect is this: if human beings had been made perfect from the beginning, we would not know the love of the Trinity properly. We would not know the value of Their love properly either because we would not become perfect by making ourselves. Then even if we lived together with the Trinity, we would feel no affection for them and there would be no meaning. If the Trinity had simply made human beings, we would have been like robots.

Pastor Jung Myeong Seok shared the following:

The process of making has to be done together. We have to make ourselves with the Trinity. The way we make ourselves is that our bodies listen to the Word of the Savior on earth, and then perfectly believe and love the Absolute God, Holy Spirit, and Holy Son and obey Their words. Then our bodies become perfect, and thus, our spirits also become perfect, absolute spirits who can be the counterparts of love to the Trinity.

If we want to resemble the Trinity, we should take action after receiving Their thoughts. Through doing that, we become beings like a second God and become counterparts of love to the Absolute Being. That’s how God made us.

If a house or property is given to someone for no reason, the one who receives it will live according to his own thoughts without knowing how much he has been blessed or the value of the blessing. Two parties must toil and make it together because then they can connect with each other and have stories to talk about.

If the Trinity had created human beings as absolutely perfect beings, made a complete environment for people to live in, and had made their hearts, thoughts, and actions perfect, one would not know the process of re-creating the body and spirit with the Absolute Beings. People would not know the value and would not be able to converse with God because there would be no deep stories to share. Rather, they would think that God is strange when He values them so much because He struggled to create them.

This is why the Creator God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son made human beings in this way: so that the Trinity and human beings would work together to perfect human spirits – like the Absolute Beings.

Even though the Trinity were able to create perfect human beings, They did not do so. Instead, the Trinity created human beings so that one could develop with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son over a period of time. By believing, loving, and conversing with the Trinity as human beings grow up, their affection towards God grows and they converse with God.

Also, their hearts, minds, thoughts, souls, and spirits transform, and gradually come to resemble the Trinity. Accordingly, their spirits can resurrect perfectly and become the absolute counterparts of the Trinity, and live valuably in Heaven.

When a man and a woman marry and become a couple, they should work together, love together, converse together, and eat and drink together. Then their personalities, faces, and everyday habits will become more and more alike. When two people live together absolutely loving each other, their hearts absolutely become alike.

If parents were to give birth to a child that was already fully grown, the child would not resemble his parents, he would not come to know their hearts as he matured, and he would not feel any affection in response to the care he had received. It would be like raising a stranger, so the child would not feel the love and affection of the parents at all. Therefore, they would not be able to live together.

In the same way, people have to receive the hearts, minds, and thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son and must make their spirits by learning and taking action with their bodies and the Trinity. Only then will their spirits become perfected in the image of the Trinity.

Then when the time comes, such spirits will rapture, go to Heaven and become the counterparts of love to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. Then they will feel what God feels when He speaks and will feel the delight, love, and joy of heaven while marveling at it and sharing stories about how valuable it is.

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son do not just make complete human beings by working on Their own. But neither do They leave human beings to make themselves on their own and offer themselves to God. The Trinity does not want to do everything on Their own and does not want human beings to do things on their own among themselves either. The Trinity wants to make things together, use things together, eat and drink together, and love each other.

God made it work in this way: while growing, human beings love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, obey Their Word, and thus resemble the Trinity and reach the level of divine beings, and so human beings make themselves into perfect spirits. This is why God did not create human beings as absolute beings.

Pastor Jung said,

“Because their hearts, thoughts, and personalities are imperfect, people get angry, hot-tempered and furious, reprimand others, hate, quarrel and fight with one another, treat each other recklessly, and slander others. You must correct 100 or more things that constitute bad character. You must make your heart perfect. You must love others in order to resemble God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son you must live according to their Word while putting your life on the line to resemble them. Only when your body takes action in this way will your spirit resemble the Absolute Being. Regardless of what your face and body look like, a person who resembles the heart of the Trinity will receive the highest level of love, rapture to the highest level and become the most brilliant spirit.”

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on April 7th, 2013)

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