Pastor Jung Myung Seok said this during one of his assemblies

 “In your dreams, you may see your soul quarreling and wrestling with an opponent. I will tell you what causes this in reality and what such dreams mean. An opponent that quarrels and wrestles with your soul in a dream, may be symbolic of a person who exists in the physical world, but usually, that is not the case. You wouldn’t know clearly if it’s a ghost, Satan, a real person, or a soul entity.”

The Holy Son made Pastor Jung experience this first and had him pray about this for a long time. Initially, he could not figure out who he was competing within his dreams. If it was a ghost, Satan, or a soul entity that lives in the spiritual world. So, he looked carefully in the soul world while praying continuously. But no matter how much he looked, he could not find such a person in the physical world. He concluded that it was neither Satan nor a ghost. However, he could not decide if they were spirits that live in the spiritual world either. Pastor Jung realized that if he taught people after interpreting incorrectly what the Holy Son has shown him, everyone will take action with incorrect understanding. So he studied and checked in order to know perfectly. However, he could not figure it out. Ultimately, he interpreted what was sealed with the help of the Holy Son.

In the soul world, which are his dreams, not only did he see people fighting with his soul, he may even compete with and exchange blows. Sometimes he competed with an opponent in running a race. Not only people, but sometimes animals, places, routes, or difficult adversities became his opponent that fought and competed with him. Have you experienced such dreams? Pastor Jung said, “You need to interpret dreams because they are revelations from the Holy Son. Since I have broken the seal of the soul world and the soul, now I should break the seal of events that are related to the soul and interpret them too. No one knew the meaning of the opponent who fights and competes with them in dreams. I broke this seal a few months ago, and I was able to break it because the Holy Son took action with me.

“The person who fights and competes with your soul in dreams refers to, the things that you failed to complete in reality.”

These things sometimes appear as the environment sometimes Satan, sometimes an animal, sometimes a snake or other beasts, sometimes a person who doesn’t exist in the physical world, and sometimes the soul entity of a person who quarrels with you in the physical world. They appear in your dreams and contends with you. If you have to do something 100% but in reality, only 80% is completed, the 20% you failed to complete appears as an opponent who contends with your soul in a dream. If you complete only 90% of what you must do and your soul entity goes to the soul world, the 10% that you did not complete becomes your opponent and contends with you. Since you only need to do 10% to win, this 10% may appear as a child and will be easy to defeat. Or it may appear as a narrow stream that is easily crossed.”

However, sometimes when Pastor Jung’s body completed 90% out of the 100 things he had to do during the day, the 10% he could not do appeared in a dream as a bull standing before his soul entity and competed with him.” Seeing that, Pastor Jung asked the Holy Son, “Is this dream wrong?” The Holy Son answered, “No, it is correct. Why don’t you try to interpret it in a thorough and refreshing way?” So he tried to complete the work he had not finished during the day. He found that doing that remaining 10% was more difficult than doing the 90%. It was as difficult as defeating a bull.

Pastor Jung said, “Sometimes you might experience tasks with 10% of undone work that is easily completed. But in other cases, even though you have finished 90% or 95%, the last 10% or 5% may be extremely difficult. Likewise when you have answered 95% of the test questions, writing the 5% answer that you do not know is really hard. That is why it is said that completing your work 100% makes you a hero.” He finished 100% of his work during the day and went to sleep saying, “You who compete with me! Let’s meet in my dream!” But then, in his dream, his soul entity met the beloved ones of Providence. They said, “Sunsaengnim (The teacher) is over there!” and came to him. Because he achieved victory in his actions during the day by completing all his work and responsibilities, no one was competing with him in his dream. Because Pastor Jung gained the victory, his soul entity met those he loves instead of facing confrontation.

You must do your responsibilities, then you will gain victory over all of the opponents that contend with you in the soul world. As a result, those who contended with you in the soul world will disappear. The victory of the body is the victory of the soul and the victory of the spirit.

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on April 21st, 2013)

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