How to live with hope when you have little?

While praying at predawn, Pastor Jung Myung Seok pleaded earnestly with God and the Holy Son Lord. He asked, “What should these young people who have no money and own nothing do in order to have hope and gain the things they need?

The Holy Son said, “Human beings’ hearts are money and time is money. Invest your body, heart, and time in Heaven.”

He himself didn’t have any money or possessions in his teens, so with his bare body, He invested his time in God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. He read the Bible and prayed. However, because He was by himself, he didn’t know how to how to do it well. There wasn’t particularly anyone who gave him mentoring. He prayed by himself for many months and invested his body, heart, and time in Heaven. Then an inspiration came to him. It said, “Rather than investing in anything in the world, you will succeed if you invest in God, the Holy Spirit, and Me, Jesus, and your efforts will not be in vain.”

Jesus said, “As you grow, I will give you what you need according to the times. So do not worry, but as you wait, invest your body, heart, and time in Heaven until the end.”

Afterwards, Jesus appeared in his dreams and also appeared while he was praying, and said, “Invest your time and learn the Bible properly. Pray that I will teach you, and for things you can learn easily, invest in learning them on your own.” This is what the Holy Son told him through Jesus. Therefore, he invested all his body, heart, thoughts, and time, and continued to pray and study the Bible. At first, just as an orchard keeper plants fruit tree seedlings and raises them, it only took up fertilizer and effort while he gained nothing. However, he was burning with hope. Ultimately, just as fruit trees that are raised well become laden with clusters of fruits that are then harvested, little by little he began to see the result of his investment, and he ultimately gained the fruit of hope.

Because Pastor Jung invested in learning the Word of the Almighty, he ultimately gained the Word of this time period, which is like gold. When he delivered that Word, he gained precious lives, which cannot be traded even for the entire world. That was something more valuable than money or any fame and honor in the world. He helped these people to gain eternal things and he enabled many people to acquire even physical things that they could eat, wear, and use. He invested in Heaven and gained in this way. Pastor Jung said “For you too, if you invest your life in God, the Absolute Being, and invest your life in the Holy Son, the Savior, then you will not be disappointed but you will harvest the fruit of your investment.

You should invest your youth in Heaven. Once you have begun investing, you should go to the end without giving up. For some things, you will see the return on your investment the same day, some will take a week, or a month, or a year, for some you will see the results 3 years and 6 months later, and some will produce profit ten or twenty years later. Big things are given to you after you have grown up and are mature enough to control them. If your time has not yet come, you cannot use it even if He gives it to you immediately, so that’s why He gives it to you when the time comes and you have matured. Since you are the one who made the investment, the Holy Son will absolutely not give it to anyone else.”

The Holy Son said: “Physical investment in the world is a momentary investment. It is an investment in a human life that will decay, dissipate, and end in vain after a short time. All of you, invest in eternal things. To invest in the world requires the investment of money and materials, but the eternal investment is a mental investment. Create something out of nothing! The heart is nothing; what you gain is something. It is an investment of faith! It is an investment of hope! It is an investment of learning the Word and praying to Me with sincere requests.

Sincerity and truthfulness allow you to escape the present level and live at a higher place. As soon as you make up your mind to be genuine and sincere, at that moment, your thoughts and heart move to another dimension. A genuine heart alone creates a genuine image. Because of that, you will connect with Me, the Holy Son who is genuine and true, and miracles will happen to you. Even during the hours you use to sustain your physical life, if your heart and thoughts are attuned to God and Me, the Holy Son, even those hours will be invested in eternal things. This is the investment of your heart and the investment of your thoughts. Also, it is the investment in loving Me, the Holy Son. Always try to invest your thoughts; thinking of Me, the Holy Son, as the first and highest priority, attending Me, honoring Me, and living united with Me. You and I invest in each other. You will prosper and do well.”

(Extracted from Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on January 27th, 2013)

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