A 100 years is too short to enjoy your life

At the predawn hours on the day Pastor Jung Myung Seok was preparing the message, he reflected on his past and told the Holy Son Lord,

“Now, the sun of my life has tilted a lot toward the West.”

At that time the Holy Son said, “When the earth spins once around its axis, 24 hours of one day pass. Once the earth orbits the sun once, 365 days of one year pass. When the earth spins and thus takes 365 steps, one rotation around the sun ends, doesn’t it? And if the earth rotates around the sun 90 times, a life becomes 90 years old and ends, doesn’t it? Therefore, hurry and shine the light. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ujW-FoXTY&w=560&h=315&align=left] Within the period of time, the Earth runs 90 laps around the sports field of the sky, a life grows, studies learn, acquires success, makes their mark in the world, and enjoys themselves. Therefore, life is short, is it not? That is why there is no time to enjoy even if one becomes successful. That is why the world is a place to work and accomplish merits with the body, and it is the spirit that is saved, goes to Heaven, and enjoys life there according to the merits the body accomplished in the world.” He also said to the Holy Son, “Holy Son, even if people fulfill their dreams and achieve success in the world, they don’t have time to enjoy it. 90 to 100 years of life is too short for a life.”

In response, the Holy Son said, “If you enjoy what is tremendously valuable and precious in the world only for a short while and end with that, wouldn’t it feel such a waste and it is so unfair? Those who enjoy it in the world will regret and see how wrong it is.  The time it takes for the earth to orbit the sun 90 times is not enough time for a life to grow, learn, study, succeed, and then enjoy what was gain. After a human body is born on the earth, just as it needs to grow and go to school, it must learn about God and the Savior and receive salvation. Then that merit will belong to the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore even after their bodies die, the spirit will go to Heaven and enjoy life there according to the merits it gained in the world. If a person did not believe in God and the Savior in the world and lived in the domain of death, the merits accomplished by the body in the world only belong to the world and are spent entirely in the world.
No matter who they are, during the time their bodies live in the world, everyone must believe in the Omnipotent God, listen to the Word of the savior, come out of death, and build up merits in the domain of life. Then after they go to Heaven, their spirits will receive salvation and enjoy the merits their bodies achieved.”

Even people who fail to receive salvation because they don’t believe in God and the Messiah in the world become billionaires by succeeding according to what they do. However, if they don’t enjoy the things they’ve gained during the process of working so hard, they won’t have time to enjoy it once they grow old. Ultimately, when their bodies die, they will leave their tremendous wealth behind in the world, while their bodies go into the grave and their spirits go to the eternal world of death and suffer there. Whatever your bodies have done in the world of God and the Lord and the things you’ve enjoyed within Them are merits stored in Heaven. Also, the merits of living as the body of God and the Lord bodies in the world are stored in Heaven as well. Therefore, your spirits will enjoy all your merits later, in Heaven.

In the past, Pastor Jung worked and ran really diligently and passionately. He cherished each day of his youth and ran and worked hard. Even now he is so busy, but compared to the past, he is actually resting a tiny bit. So that is why he says that for you too. When you get old, you won’t be able to evangelize, lecture, manage or learn. You must do those things when you are young. You must shine your light when you are young. When you get old, you should live your life managing and look after the things you’ve accomplished when you were young.

Once the earth orbits the sun 90 times, everyone’s life ends no matter who they are. Calculate your age and see. You must calculate and see how many more times the earth must go around the sun before your life ends. For some people, there are 60 orbits left, some have 50 orbits left, some have 40 orbits, some have 30 orbits, and some have only 20 orbits left. Some have only 10 orbits left, some have only 5 orbits left, and some have only 3.

You must know just how fast the earth is orbiting and you must shine your light while you are young. You must shine your light in your teens, shine your light in your 20s at full throttle, shine your light skillfully in your 30s, and in your 40s and 50s, shine your light in a skillful and dignified manner saying, “Look at me!” And in your 50s to your 70s, you must shine your final light

Pastor Jung Myung Seok’s sermon delivered on January 20th, 2013)

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